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About Living Pure


100% Pure Natural Oils!about-bestseller.png

Living Pure Essential Oils was founded in 2015 and offers the finest essential oils and proprietary blends on the market. Some manufacturers use legal tactics to label their products as “all natural” or “pure”, particularly drug store brands. It is our promise that you can rely on Living Pure Essential Oils to be formulated 100% organic, with no harmful chemicals or additives.

Pure Therapeutic Grade:

At Living Pure, we offer only the finest, therapeutic grade essential oils. Our oils bridge the gap between ancient Apothecary and Modern Herbalism and Aromatherapy.

Our company is based out of Grand Rapids, MI and our oils are sourced locally in Northern Michigan with ingredients that are imported from other countries around the world. Our main focus is quality, and customer satisfaction and all of our oils are backed by a money-back guarantee.

  • Our Satisfied Customers

    I have asthma, and when allergies hit, I get all congested. This is helping relieve some of the symptoms without the chemicals that are in the "over-the-counter" remedies. It works in no time, and helps me breath better all day!

    Donna C., Michigan
  • Our Satisfied Customers

    This lavender is fantastic. It has a great aroma, and I've already used it for helping myself and my family get better sleep, AND it took away an awful headache I had this morning!!! It is absolutely fantastic in a diffuser as well

    Nicole A., Tennessee
  • Our Satisfied Customers

    This is a very pleasant fragrance. The oil fills the room with a mood boosting aroma when I diffuse it. I diffuse it when I"m home alone and feeling a little blue or melancholy... and it helps lift my mood!

    Stan M., North Carolina